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Dog Cognitive Development Battery (DCDB)

We have published a detailed description of each task from the Dog Cognitive Development Battery on OSF.

Gnanadesikan, G.E., Bray, E.E., Levy, K.M., Horschler, D.J., Gruen, M.E., Kennedy, B.S., Hare, B. & MacLean, E.L.

(2023). Dog Cognitive Development Battery Methods. OSF. doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/CSK3A.

The following publications use DCDB data:

Bray et al. (2020). Cognitive characteristics of 8- to 10-week old assistance dog puppies. Animal Behaviour.

Bray et al (2021). Dog cognitive development: a longitudinal study across the first 2 years of life. Animal Cognition.

Bray et al (2021). Early-emerging and highly heritable sensitivity to human communication in dogs. Current Biology.

Gnanadesikan et al. (2023). Transposons in the Williams-Beurons Syndrome critical region are associated with social behavior in assistance dogs. Behavior Genetics.

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