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Selected Media Coverage

Canine cognition research 

Coverage of Bray et al. (2015). Increasing arousal enhances inhibitory control in calm but not excitable dogs. Animal Cognition.

Duke TODAY: Stress ‘sweet spot’ differs for mellow vs. hyper dogs


CBS: Too much stress sends some dogs into a tailspin

Psychology Today: Does Raising a Dog's Excitement Level Improve Performance?

General coverage of my work

Articles & Blogs

Knowable Magazine:  Inside the brains of aging dogs

Dog Aging Project blog:  Scientific Results: Once-daily feeding is associated with better health in companion dogs

Dog Aging Project blog:  Meet Dr. Emily Bray, Canine Cognition Expert and Puppy Wrangler!

AKC Canine Health Foundation: Development of Cognitive Traits in Dogs

AKC Canine Health Foundation: Puppy Cognition – the Making of a Brilliant Canine Mind

Great Pet Care: What Do Dogs Think About?

AKC Canine Health Foundation: Research to Improve Working Dog Success

U of Arizona Postdoctoral Association: Postdoc spotlight - Emily Bray

U of Arizona Postdoctoral Affairs: Congratulations to the Recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award!

Radio interviews and Podcasts

Research Bites Podcast: Cognitive development, puppies, service dogs


Dogged Justice Podcast: Cognitive Research With Puppies featuring Guest Emily Bray

PetAbility Podcast: Canine Cognition with Emily Bray, PhD

Spaces Unleashed: An adorable chat with puppy scientist Dr. Emily Bray


KJZZ: Arizona Scientists Study Dog Minds To Better Understand Our Own

K9s Talking Scents Podcast: The mind of a puppy with Dr. Emily Bray

Facebook Live event: 5/2020 Update on research at Canine Companions for Independence

Dog Aging Project April Pack Event:  The Ins and Outs of Canine Cognition with Dr. Evan MacLean and Dr. Emily Bray

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